Established and found in 1988 by Stephen Rifflart, Telservice has a great deal of expertise in the field of telecommunications with an important focus on business telephony (PBX). It is rapidly gaining recognition from the telecom sector and provides cabling, installation and maintenance services for the principal integrators and manufacturers on the Belgian market.

Under the supervision of the CEO Claude Barant and after a period of development and diversification, Telservice merges in 2016 by absorbing its subsidiary SRCOM, specialised in delegation of personel in order to create synergies and better respond to the evolving market needs.

The company currently covers four important areas of expertise: Electronic Security, Data & Telecom Networks, Voice Networks and Electrical Installations. Its turnover amounts to € 2.7 mio (2016) and employs over 30 experienced and qualified staff members, who share common values centred on meeting the highest standards and fulfilling commitments.

Our working method favours direct contact with te end users company to enable us to better understand the workings and challenges of our clients. Our technicians are competent, meticulous and skilled professionals who make every effort to contribute to your success on a daily basis.

We provide flexible, high-quality and competitive technical service and outsourcing solutions.

We invest in the development of our employees’ competencies and excellence.

We help you achieve success through a long-term relationship built on communication and trust.